Franche Comte

The Franche Comte is a region located between the Alsace, Burgundy and Switzerland. You will find a bit of all three in this beautiful, hilly region, which produces great cheeses and fine wines to go with them. With 6000 km of navigable rivers, over 80 lakes and hundreds of ponds the area is great for people who love to swim, kayak, canoe or raft. The waterfalls of Herisson, Doubs and Ognon, and the lakes of Jura and Mille Etang de Haute-Saone are just some of the possible destinations.

In the forests around these lakes and rivers there are plenty of paths and roads for hiking and biking. There are literally thousand of places to get lost and wander around in a peaceful surrounding.

For the lovers of culture and history there are many things to do as well. Besancon, the region’s capital city, has a great historic centre that is dominated by its spectacular astronomical clock. The Royal Salt Factory in Arc-et-Senans is on the UNESCO list and a great example of industrial architecture. There are beautiful chteaux in Arlay, Gy and Fabulys.

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