Fraser Island

Access to Fraser Island is by passenger and vehicle ferry service from Hervey Bay including tour buses that make trips to the island. Alternatively flights can be chartered from Maroochydore offering quick and scenic access to this beautiful location. 4WDs are available to rent making it easy to get around once reaching Fraser.

Fraser Island, known for its picture perfect beauty is a dream destination, having the highest concentration of lakes in Australia just next to Tasmania. Covering an area of 1,63,000 hectares Fraser Island due to its picturesque setting attracts a number of visitors all year round, both domestic and international.

The lakes, the pristine golden sands all possess a beauty that is beyond words. There are beautiful walking tracks and routes laid out for 4WD.

Fraser Island is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Several exotic species of birds make their home at Fraser island. From dotterels, pied oyster catchers to pelicans , gulls to white breasted sea eagles and ospreys all can be found at this lovely destination. The range of fauna is also very impressive from the wallabies, possums and dingos to a whole lot of exotic species of animals have made this lovely location their home.

Fraser Island also has a rich past with the remains of the Aboriginal heritage still visible. One major tourist attraction is the ship wreck of Maheno that can be found on the beach.

There are a number of restaurants and accommodation types to cater to all types of travellers’ from budget to luxury and everything in between.

The natural beauty of the region is well protected. Flawless masterpieces like this created by nature are very rare finds so make the most of your holiday here. Come! Explore this wonderful creation of Mother Nature.