Gading Rapids (Jeram Gading)

A beautiful landscape of tropical rainforests, rivers and waterfalls against the backdrop of the hills and mountains in the east plus the stretch of sandy beaches on the west coast describes the land of Negeri Sembilan. The topography of this state, situated at the end of the Main Range running from the North of Peninsula Malaysia, is very much characterised by this vast stretch of highlands. Many recreational areas have been identified along this range, the National Park, being the biggest.

It is believed that the name originated from the existence of the many elephants in the area – gading meaning tusk. The main attraction of Jeram Gading is the waterfall, cascading sheets of water flowing through trees and boulders sending sprays of water in the air as it hits obstacles in its path, curling into balls of white foam before disappearing into calmer waters.

Although the area is not suitable for kayaking, it is an ideal spot for family picnics. Enjoy frolicking around with children in the clear waters and take pleasure in listening to the stream. Situated 23km from Kuala Klawang, Jeram Gading is in the Kenaboi district. Driving to this tourist attraction, you will pass roads lined with shrubs, most of them fruit trees and orchards belonging to the villagers.

Accommodation Overview
Seremban has become a satellite town to Greater Kuala Lumpur, and as such, has developed a full range of accommodation, from basic backpacker’s hostels to 5-star hotels.