Galanta is a town situated in the Eastern Europe in the south-eastern part of Slovak Republic. The town lies on a lowland approximately 50kms from the capital city Bratislava. The distance from the capital city and its position approximately 50kms northerly from the boundaries of Hungary and Austria confirm the advantageous layout of the town which is very suitable for investors and their business activities.

Galanta has 16,500 citizens and it is one of the commercial and cultural centres of the region. As to the territorial administration Galanta is a district town belonging to the Trnava County.

The District of Galanta borders with the districts of Trnava, Hlohovec, Nitra, Komrno, Dunajsk Streda and Senec.

The town is divided into town regions:
1. Galanta
2. Javorinka
3. Nebojsa

The area of Galanta: 396ha

The town is surrounded by a lot of big and also small streams Vh, Mal Dunaj and Dudvh.
There are plenty of thermal springs in the area of the town. These springs are used by the city for heating of the flats and the hospital. Furthermore, a new thermal swimming pool is being built at present.

Since our state has joined the European Union, a lot of foreign companies from the former west block have settled here and they contribute to the general development of the town.