Gavar is the regional capital of Gegharkunik. It was an industrial town but now is working to establish itself in the new globalized economy.
In the center of Gavar, the church was built in 1903 and was the tallest church in Armenia until recent times when newer churches were built. Four kilometers from Gavar is Noradus which is an impressive khachkar (stone cross) cemetary. Hayravank is also very close which dates to the 9th century and has a storied history. In the rocks to the north side of the church, one can find ruins dating back a thousand years and a cave which has remains removed from it which dated back five thousand years.
In the villages of Gavar, one can find similarly old churches and in the village of Gegharkunik, 14 kilometers from Gavar one can the remains of a fortress dating back 1100 years.
Gavar is storied for its fish and vodka consumption. It is a very hospitable place that is interesting to visit.

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