Geography of Poland

The Geography of Poland makes this country a favorable tourist destination for the nature lovers. Geography of Poland includes lakes, rivers, national parks, mountains and geology.

Poland Geography includes the geology of the beautiful country of Poland. There are moraine landscapes located in the northern part of Poland. In these spots, soils are made up of loam as well as sand. Granites and basalts in Poland are found in the Beskids and the High Tatras.

Rivers in Poland is also a part of Geography of Poland. One of the well-known rivers flowing through this country is Vistula. This river is around 1,047 kilometers. There are also various tributaries of this river. The Bug and Warta are the other popular territories of the area. There are also large numbers of rivulets flowing in Poland like Angrapa. Most of the rivers of this country drain into the Baltic Sea. In the early times the rivers of Poland was used for the purpose of navigation.

Poland Geography includes the Bledow Desert. Situated on the Southern part of Poland, this desert covers an area of about 32 square kilometers. The Bledow Desert is the only desert of his colorful country of Poland. It is said that this desert was created by a melting glacier.

Geography of Poland also includes mountains as well as topography. There are 21mounatins located in this country. Tone of the well-known mountain group of his country is the Polish Tatras. High Tatras and the Western Tatras constitute an important part of the Polish Tatras. The peak of Rysy rests in the High Tatras. Beskids is the other famous mountain group. The peak of Beskids is about 1,725 meters. The other well-known mountains of Poland are Bieszczady Mountains located in southeastern part of Poland.
Lakes in Poland also constitute an important part of the Geography of Poland. There plenty of water bodies located throughout the country of Poland. Morskie Oko is the popular lake of Poland. Some of the other lakes of Poland are Lake Hancza, Lake Sniardwy, Lake Mamry, Lake Drawsko and Lake Lebsko.

Geography of Poland includes also the national parks. There are several national parks in Poland like Bialoweiza National Park and Forest, Bieszczady National Park, Babia Gora National Park, Biebrza National Park, Bory Tucholskie National Park, Drawienski National Park, Gorce National Park, Kampinos National Park, Karkonosze National Park, Magurski National Park, Narew National Park, Pieniny National Park, Polesie National Park, Roztocze National Park, Slowinski National Park, Stolowe Mountains National Park, Tatra National Park, Ujscie Warty National Park and Wigry National Park.