Gisborne is regarded as the unitary authority in New Zealand. The region owes its name from the Colonial Secretary William Gisborne. The region of Gisborne is situated in the north eastern part of North Island. It is also considered to be the East Cape. There are about 45,000 inhabitants in the region. The other settlements nearby are Tolaga Bay and Ruatoria.

The region of the land is rough and there is dense forest. Te Urewera National Park is in the western part. The Kanigaroa Forest is situated in the western part. The Gisborne’s city center is situated in the northern part of the Poverty Bay. To the south of Poverty Bay is the headland known as the Young Nick’s Head.


Tourist Attractions in Gisborne included many interesting spots that attract a large number of tourists to Gisborne. There are many parks and gardens that are frequented by tourists from all over the city. The Tourist Attractions in Gisborne also include museums and heritage buildings that offer is veritable information regarding the culture that had prevailed in the city through the centuries.

One should visit the Gisborne Museum and Art Center. The museum displays few of the best collections of paintings and art collection. It uplifts the historical significance and speaks a lot of the Maori culture that had been predominated the entire past history of New Zealand. It also brings into limelight the history and culture of east-coast. Besides, it also presents the works by the contemporary artists.

Tourist Attractions in Gisborne also include the Eastwoodhill Arboretum that is a must-see for the tourists. The museum lies 50 kilometers west of Gisborne. It is known for the botanic displays that it houses. The Star of Canada Maritime Museum is yet another of the popular museums in the city. it is situated on the bank of Taruheri River. A visit to this museum would let you get a glimpse of the Star of Canada that once ran by Kaiti Beach. It is Nautical Museum that is frequented by the tourists coming form various parts of the city.

The other tourist attractions include the Kaiti Hill, Poko-O-Riwi, Mahia Peninsula, Manutuke, Matawhero Church, Morere, Rere Falls and Ronogopai. There are also several beaches and national parks in Gisborne that are popular among the globe-trotters.

Some of the activities that will keep you busy in your leisure hours are Dive Tatapouri and Whale Rider Tour. The authorities often arrange for the tours to Whangara. It was the place where the shooting of the famous movie Whale Rider was held. Tatapouri is the hub of the penguins, dolphins and seals. It is a must visit for the tourists visiting the city of Gisborne.


You can reach Gisborne in New Zealand by driving from Auckland or Wellington. You can reach within a half a days drive from Rotorua or Napier. Tourists also favor coming to the city by flight. There are regular flights by Air New Zealand from Auckland and Wellington. You can commute to the nearby places of Gisborne by car. However if you want to spend some time near the beach you can just walk.

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