The former Portuguese colony of Goa is one of the most relaxed and beautiful places in India. Much famous worldwide among honeymooners and romantic couple. Also worth for beach lovers and for those who love water activities. In the seventies when all of India was full with European and American hippies, Goa was really packed with them. Now most of the hippies have left, but new travellers keep pouring in.

The most important attractions are probably the beaches. They are as beaches should be: made of white sand and lined with palm trees. See how the fishermen bring in the fishing nets and be prepared for the beach vendors who try to sell anything from fresh fruits to Rajashtani bangles.

Goa is especially a treat when you have travelled around in the rest of India. Travel in India can be very nerve consuming and Goa is just the place to go to forget about all that. If you have the intention of staying for a longer period of time (you won’t be the first to be entangled in Goa’s web of sun, beaches and relaxation in all its forms), you can often make a deal about your accommodation price, especially when you’re staying with locals.

Old Goa offers a break form all the white sandy beaches and all night parties. It has a lot of sights dating back to colonial times. Some of the best beaches are found in Anjuna, Calangute and Colva.