Gold River

Gold River is a village located close to the geographic centre of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. In terms of the Island’s human geography it is considered to be part of the North Island, even though it technically is on the Island’s west coast. Taking advantage of its deep water and abundant forests, Gold River developed in 1967 as a prototypical logging and pulp & paper industry community. Gold River quickly sprang into prosperity and established excellent community facilities.


Sheer rock faces laced with misty cascading waterfalls and dotted with lush, green fiddle head ferns are on one side of you and a long series of inter-connected beautiful inky black lakes quietly lay on the other side of you. Stretched out before you is an 80km picturesque winding road. The view around the next corner is more beautiful than the last and you are compelled to follow this road to it’s end.

Rounding the last bend, still revelling about the beautiful scenery you witnessed while passing through Strathcona Provincial Park, you see a small hamlet of a town. A mountain range surrounds Gold River bringing with it not only spectacular scenery, but lakes, rivers and waterfalls too. All of which team with an abundance of wildlife including fish, deer, elk, black bears and many species of birds.

Adventure seekers already know of Gold River for its world class rock climbing.

Other tourist options are caving, guided forest tours, whale watching and camping. Be careful though. All these options are there for anyone to do, and if you are there, you should make the best of your time and be sure to partake in some sort of fun activity.

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