Golden Triangle

During my visit to Chiang Mai, I have taken one day trip to Golden Triangle.

The infamous Golden Triangle, where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos converge, is Chiang Rai province’s most popular attraction, luring thousands of visitors annually. This notorious area, located approximately nine kilometres from the historic town of Chiang Saen, is bolstered by its history and the surrounding towns. It’s riverfront position at the confluence of the Mekhong and Ruak rivers lends it a unique appeal.

Located near the Northern-most point of Thailand – The Golden Triangle was once the centre of all opium poppy growing in the country, and actually refers to a large area of the three bordering countries. However, the point of actual convergence of these borders is what most people now call the Golden Triangle. Here, the illicit crops have long since been replaced by the small tourist village of Sob Ruak, and today the roads are flanked by countless small restaurants and vendor’s souvenir stalls along the banks of the Mekhong river.

Most people seem to come here on guided bus tours. For independent travelers, blue songthaews run through the Golden Triangle from Mae Sai to Chiang Saen and back again every 20 minutes or so until around 15:00. If you miss the last songthaew, you will be at the mercy of the tuk-tuk and motorcycle taxi drivers that will charge around 70 baht for the 10km trip from the Golden Triangle to Chiang Saen.

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