Golf in Saudi Arabia

The fascination for Golf in Saudi Arabia has led to the forming of a number of Golf Clubs. Some of these clubs have an international reputation. People living in Saudi Arabia as well as people from across the world can become its members. Tourists who have a penchant for the game are welcome to book their entry into the clubs. They may simply watch others engage in the game or participate in the various golf events organized by the respective clubs.
Among the well known golf clubs is the Arizona Golf Resort in Riyadh. Here those tourists, who particularly are interested in staying here for the sake of catching up with the game, can take up lodging. Golf in Saudi Arabia is so much in demand that there are golf fields attached to international hotels. The Intercontinental Hotel in Riyadh offers the best golf fields among other such hotels. It is a nine hole, 3 floodlight golf course. Professional golf training is also offered here.
The Dirab Golf and Recreation center boasts of an amazing location. It is located in the valley below the Tuwaiq Mountain Escarpment. This golf course is a private property and has 18 holes. It is lent out for championship games.
Other games that tourists might enjoy playing or watching include the traditional camel race and the car sand surfing. Those who consult the Saudi Arabia Travel Guide would confess that there are indeed innumerable Things to Do in Saudi Arabia.

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