Gorakhnath Caves

Gorakhnath Caves, Kathmandu is a very good place to visit in the city. The city of Kathmandu is visited by lots of travelers who come here for spending their holidays. There are plenty of Tourist Attractions in Kathmandu, where the travelers must pay a visit. The trip to this wonderful city will surely be a memorable experience for all the travelers coming here. The various attractions of the city are all very popular among the local people and also travelers coming here. There are plenty of places in Nepal where the visitors can go for hiking and trekking. The place has got some scenic locations that will definitely captivate the minds of all the travelers. The cave is is carved out of the solid rock and is among the most important religious sites for mainstream Brahmins and Chhetris of Nepal.

The place is named after saintly Gorakhnath, who is believed to have meditated in this cave. He left his foot prints on the rock in front of the cave. There are many colored flags that flutter at the shrine. Many temples and monasteries are established around this region. Among them the visitors will come across the Tibetan gompa that belong to the Nyingmapa sect. This was built to honor a person called Guru Rinpoche. He was credited for introducing Buddhism in Tibet. The travelers must not forget to visit the Gorakhnath Cave in Kathmandu during their trip to Nepal.

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