Gorce National Park in Poland

Gorczanski Park Narodowy or the Gorce National Park, Poland is one of the newest Polish National Parks that was built in 1981. Located in southern Poland the national park encompasses the central and northeastern parts of the Gorce mountain range. With abundance of natural beauty and spectacular wildlife Gorce National Park, Poland is one of the popular tourist destinations in Poland. This is also one of the most important Reserve Forests in Poland where you will see plenty of examples of folk architecture.

The proposal of protecting the land’s forest and wildlife came in 1972 and the initiative was taken. Today the area of Gorce National Park, Poland has grown to 70.3 square kilometers of which 65.91 square kilometers are forestland. Only 0.18 square kilometers of the area has waters. About 95% of the park’s area belongs to the ancient Carpathian primeval forest. Hence, large oaks and 300-year-old pine trees are seen here. The mountain slopes are full of white wood anemones, yellow comfreys and purple toothworts which grow in spring making Gorce National Park a haven for nature lovers.

The park’s landscape is dominated by arched peaks and river valleys that nestle between the mountains. A number of peaks in this region include Jaworzyna Kamienicka, Kudlon, Kiczora, Czolo Turbacza, Gorc Kamienicki and Turbacz, is the highest of the lot. Hundreds of plants, including Alpine and Sub-Alpine plants, grow on the mountains naturally the most common species being spruce, beech and fir. But there are some openings that are the results of human activity since the first settlers appeared in the Gorce area in the 14th century.

Numerous species of animals include several bird species, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Lynx wolfs and bears are found in large numbers in Gorce National Park, Poland. In addition, several species of frogs, snakes and salamanders are found in Gorce National Park in Poland. The park not only has contributions in the country’s ecological system it also plays a key role in enriching Poland’s culture. You will find several instances of folk art and architecture the most important being the unique chapel located on the Jaworzyna Kamienicka opening.

The traces of human activities are rare in Gorce National Park, Poland. The Ministry of Environment is doing a great job considering the maintenance of the sanctuary. Nature lovers and tourists are allowed to enter the park. So, you can visit Gorce National Park and admire its unpolluted natural beauty.