Goreme is the centre of Cappadocia and one of the best starting points for seeing the fairy chimneys in the area. The famous fairy chimneys are unique rock formations made of soft volcanic ashes, called tuffs, and the chimneys are made by erosions of rain and wind and formed the present shapes.


Centuries and centuries people have lived and worked in these chimneys and today you can see their churches with their painted walls, their houses, hotel, restaurants, discos, wine factories and even carpet shops.

Goreme has decent accommodation, restaurants and many, many tour organizations that take you past the most important sights in a mini-bus. They are well organized and if you don’t mind stopping in a pottery and or carpet shop, they are quite a convenient way to do the sights. Goreme is also famous of its wine. As you all know the best wineyards are grown in sandstone where the volcanic ashes provides the best sandstone to grown wineyards.

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