Granada is situated on the port of Lago de Nicaragua. Lago de Nicaragua is a very large lake, the largest in Central America. It even has freshwater sharks. Next to the lake, in Granada, there is a park where people go for recreation/picnicking. They even use it as a beach. There are also good seafood restaurants in the area. The local fresh fish from the lake is called Guapote, and it is very tasty when it is fried and accompanied with rice, beans and vegetables. Nicaraguans eat mashed red beans… and also fried ripe plantains (which the eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, literally!)

Granada’s main street is very nice with well restored houses in colonial style and different colors. The Parque Central is also very nice, with a church in one end. Street wenders sell the traditional food in banana leaves.This food is called Vigoron, it is fried pork rings with boiled Yucca. (a starchy vegetable) At this Parque Central on a typical sunday you will see a lot of people just relaxing, playing dominoes. Surrounding this main square, you will also find many touristy/expensive souvenir shops. Many spanish language schools located in the area, so you will very likely run into a few foreign tourists.