Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is exactly as the name suggests the biggest of the Cayman islands. The capital George Town is located in the West of the island, some 20 km to the est is East End. Between the two you find many resorts and great beaches.
The main attractions are Little cayman and the nearby region known as Hell’s Gate N.P. because of its moonscape of black lava. The coast is filled with 200-year old lanes and foodpaths where you’ll see a catalog of the islands architecture ranging from gingerbread cottages to wattle-and-daub cabins.

A must-see attraction is Stingray City. This is a submerged sandbar just off the coast of the isalnd, reachable by one of the many tourist boats that operate excursions on a daily basis. Once there, you can hop off the boat into waist-high water (shoulder-hieight for the kids) and snorkel with the friendly stingrays. Shuffle your feet in the sand to avoid stepping on one and geting accidentally stung! Even non-snorkellers can enjoy this activity. Tourist guide boats will often help you catch and hold a stingray for an unforgettable photo opportunity. Sounds like a tourist trap but actually and unmissable stop-off!

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