Grand Palace in Johor of Malaysia

Grand Palace, Johor is one of the finest Johor tourist attractions. It was set up by Sultan Abu Bakar. Sultan Abu Bakar laid the foundation stone of the Grand Palace, Johor in 1864. The Grand Palace in Johor is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It has a cosmopolitan architecture with significant Anglo-Malay influence.

Grand Palace in Johor in Malaysia also plays the role of the Royal Abu Bakar Museum. This museum has the most exquisite treasures of the royal collection. The Royal Abu Bakar Museum is also known as the Sultan Abu Bakar Royal Museum. This museum occupies the Grand Palace, Johor. Grand Palace, Johor is also known by the name Istana Besar. It houses some of the Sultan’s creative ideas in its architecture.
It was in the early 1990s, that the then ruler of Johor, His Majesty Sultan Iskandar decided to reveal the royal secrets to the common public. As a result, he opened the Grand Palace, Johor in the form of a museum setting. However, many traditional royal and state ceremonial functions are also held in this royal palace.

The Grand Palace, Johor was officially opened to the public by Sultan Iskandar on May 11, 1990. It houses a vast array of treasures, works of art, antiquities and furniture belonging to the royal family. There is a unique picture gallery in this palace that features the pictures of the past and present rulers of the Sultanate and their consorts. There is also a vast collection of their personal memorabilia and medals.

The other rooms of the Grand Palace, Johor showcase the State Regalia, silver ware, crystal ware, gold, priceless vases, furniture, numismatic collection, traditional Malay weapons, silver trophies and other family treasures within their natural setting.