Great White Shark Diving

The shark makes its swift, surprise attack from below and behind, leaping out of the water making a terrifying, brief, shocking appearance from nowhere. Having struck with awesome power, it falls backwards, using the forces of gravity and its incredibly powerful body to move away from the boat and descends into the depths of the ocean, its elegant torpedo-shaped body leaving not even a ripple on the surface. Passengers can experience excellent surface viewing from the boats upper deck to get an all-round view of the sharks attacking, circling and descending. It is the ideal spot to capture the exhilarating action on film or shoot video footage – the water is no more than 6 meters deep and is crystal clear.

Great Whites can smell the chum (crushed sardines) slick from a considerable distance. In addition, our crew plays tug-o- war, pulling the bait lines in to the boat to lure the magnificent creatures even closer. The shark, being an inquisitive beast, often comes right up to the boat, bringing its head far enough out of the water that you can touch it. The banks of awesome razor edged teeth are but centimeters away – the huge gaping jaws revealing the true danger of the imminent encounter….. a subject rather not dwelled upon.

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