Grenoble is a thriving melange of modern hustle and bustle on the one hand and historical treasures on the other hand. As many other towns in the region, such as Annecy, the city can be divided in the modern part, prepared for and meeting the demands of the visitor when it comes down to accommodation and entertainment facilities, and the historic Old Town. In the case of Grenoble, one can still see the remains of the city wall dating back to the third century altered with 17th century townhouses. The first action of the French Revolution in 1788 took also place in Grenoble.

Grenoble has a rich cultural life which does not seem strange considering the fact that it is one of the large cities in France. Besides several cultural festivals and a booming theater life, Grenoble has several interesting museums to offer. A must-see for Stendhal lovers is his birthplace and the museum dedicated to his life and career.

Ski resorts, such as Tignes, Val d’Or and Val d’Isere, are only a one hour’s drive to the South away. At most of these places, one can ski all year round.

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