Groningen city is the northernmost big city of the Netherlands. It is the capital of the province that’s also called Groningen. You’ll find quite a charming city here, although the historic centre area was rather scarred both in the second World War and in the various rebuilding processes that followed.


The Grote Markt is the dazzling heart of the centre area. Nowhere in town you’ll find so many pavement terraces, inviting you for a drink and a pleasant chat from early spring to late autumn. The Martini Church, with its famous Martinitower, dates from the 12th century but most of what you see now is from the 16th century.

Another big attraction in Groningen is the Groningen Museum it is the most important and most famous museum in Groningen. With the construction of its current building, designed by Alessandro Mendini, the museum has been transformed into one of the most modern and innovative of its kind in the Netherlands. In addition, the city also has a science museum, a comics museum and a tobacco museum.

Groningen is also a host for several festivals for music, art, film and theatre.


One of the best things of Groningen is its nightlife. The city being an important university town, the many Dutch and international students guarantee that there is always something going on. And you’ll find lots of pubs, cafes and small (student) restaurants in the centre area.