Guaymas is the most important port of the State of Sonora. In 1701 missionaries Eusebio Francisco Kino and Juan Maria de Salvatierra founded the Mission of San Jose de La Laguna few miles from where Guaymas now exists. In 1769 it was officially named San Jose de Guaymas and by 1859 it was declared a city.


You should visit the San Fernando church built in the XIX century, the Sacred Heart church, the Bank of Sonora with a neo-classic style, the Ayuntamiento (1899), San Fernando square with its kiosco and the symbol of the city: the fisherman statue and the Plaza of the three Presidents : Adolfo de la Huerta, Plutarco Elias Calles and Abelardo Rodriguez, all born in Guaymas.

Enjoy also a walk to beautiful beaches. Miramar is one of them at Bahia de Bacochibampo. San Carlo’s beaches (Pilar and Algodones) are a must, as well as driving to the Outlook Mirador. While there, you can also take a quick hike up to TetaKawi. During the first months of the year, whales coming south from cold waters come to the Sea of Cortez to mate and have their cachalotes.

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