Gubbio, located some kilometres north of Assisi and 40 km north of Perugia is one of Umbria’s nicest towns, spread out along the foothills of Mt. Ingino from where it has a commanding view of the fertile valley below. Gubbio was first inhabited during the prehistoric era, later the primitive community of Ikuvium, founded by the Umbrians, settled here. In the 1st century BC Gubbio became a Roman municipality and lived a period of peace and prosperity, until the fall of the Roman Empire. In 552 Gubbio is attacked and destroyed by the Goths, in 592 the Goths were succeeded by the Byzantines and later by the Longobards (772).
Today Gubbio represents the compact masterpiece of medieval civilization. For this reason it has been defined the most beautiful medieval city of Europe. Every single one of its inhabitants’ homes has a medieval origin and even the city itself is protected by prefectly conserved medieval walls.

In Gubbio, there is a very strong artisan ceramic tradition. The 16th century school can be seen in the extremely fine artisan products appreciated in all the world. A stay in Gubbio is like going back 1000 years in time. In each house, in every street, in all the boutiques one breathes a medieval atmosphere that is accentuated by its typical tartufo cuisine, its excellent wine and by its fabulous craftsmanship.