The second largest of the Channel Islands, Guernsey has much to offer for tourists seeking a relaxing holiday. It lies approx 20 miles from the coast of Normandy but is almost entirely English speaking. It has its own currency (locked with the sterling exchange rate) and its own government.

The island is spoilt for fine food (particularly seafood – the local catches of chancre, or spider crab, often lay claim to being the tastiest in the world), beautiful, golden sandy beaches all along the west coast, stunning walks atop dramatic south coast cliffs, and a long line of history set at the heart of Europe for thousands of years. The island’s most recent brush with history was the occupation by Hitler’s forces, and there remain many edifices and landmarks which testify to this.
The people are friendly, and the weather warmer and beer cheaper than in the United Kingdom!
There is nowhere quite like it, and don’t forget to visit Sark and Herm, both short boat rides away, for yet further unforgettable experiences.

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