Guinea’s Highest Peak Mount Nimba

Mount Nimba, Guinea’s highest peak at 1752m (5748ft), is part of the mountain range straddling Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia. The summit, best reached from the village of Gbakore, 18km (11mi) southeast of Lola, offers phenomenal views of surrounding peaks in all three countries.
It’s a steep, winding four-hour trek to the top, a guide is mandatory and a permit is required.

There are several good guides for hire in Gbakore and you should let your guide get your permit for you because this can be a real pain.

The Nimba mountains host a rich variety of plant and animal life, in particular some notable amphibians such as the goliath frogs, which can weigh as much as three kilograms, and the Nimba toads, which bear live young.

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