Ha Baroana

Ha Baroana is place with caves on the way to Mohale dam. In this historical caves the san tribe used to live in. The tribe left their trade mark all throughout Lesotho caves of which Ha baroana is one of those. The san have left historical rock-painting that date back from the 16th Century. this tribe is recently found in the Kalahari deserts in Botswana, where they still leave the primitive way of life. They are historically known the best hunters in the southern parts of Africa.

The paintings in Ha-Baroana are beautiful and gives the true reflection of the way the san people lived at that time, and the different wild animals they used to hunt. there is a lodge near that place called Molengaone Lodge. To go to the place you ride on the sure footed Basotho ponies which are available from the hospitable basotho people around. This is a must see place especially for those people interested in historical arts.