A Cappadocia visit should also include a visit in the town of Hacibektas. The town is located nearly 1 hour’s drive from Nevsehir. Without a visit in Hacibektas, it is difficult to get a full picture of Turkey.


Hacibektas Museum, which is the monestary where the pupils of Alawi-Bektasi sect were trained. There you find different section of the monastery with amongst others the kitchen and the tomb of Haci Bektas Veli.

By driving few minutes from the town center, you come to a type of open-air museum with an amphi-theatre and a Cilehane. Cilehane is a small cave and if you can pass through the small hole, this means that you are free from your sins.


By travelling northwards via the town of Gulsehir you arrive in Hacibektas.

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