Hama is one of the most attractive cities of northern cities. It is famous for its waterwheels. The other claim to fame of Hama is the bloody way in which the Syrian government dealt with an fundamentalist uprising in 1982. 20.000 people were killed in just a few days.
For travelers visiting Hama the best place to start their tour is a climb of the citadel hill – the actual citadel is gone but the hill still provides great views over town and the river.

After that, head for the water weels in the river below. Known as norias these 30 meter high weels date back 2000 years!

Other attractions include the 18th-century House of Al Azim, and the el Hayat Mosque. There are also two old caravanserais you can visit. Ask for the funduq.

Daytrips can be made to Qalaat al Mudiq for an old fort, Asriyeh for Roman temples and Seijar for a nice old tonw with a castle.