Hamilton is the administrative, commercial, shopping and entertainment centre of Bermuda. There are two movie theatres, several night clubs and the main Post Office. A port city, cruise ships dock right on the side of Front Street, the main thoroughfare. Start your journey around Hamilton on Front Street to discover the luxurious department stores, liquor stores, gift shops and banks. The Vistors Service Bureau is also located here. You could even get a horse and buggy ride. (Look near the Cruise berths)

On Wednesday evenings in season, Harbor Nights attracts a multitude of street vendors and a party atmosphere.

The bus terminal is located here for buses around the island.

Don’t miss the Birdcage, where Bermudian policeman stand and direct the traffic. They are noted for their distinctive uniform, which is similar to the British style but adapted to the heat!

There are a couple of small parks, including Albuoy’s Point.

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