Handicrafts of Manipur

It is said that goddess “Panthoibi” drew her inspiration for weaving, from a spider making cobwebs in a corner. While almost every household in Manipur owns a loom-women folk alone are weavers. Intricate designs are woven on sarees, sarongs, shawls and bedspreads. The handloom industry is the largest cottage industry in Manipur, with the finished items often being exported. Manipur-Pottery is made without a potter’s wheel. It is a rare experience to witness the potters of Andro, Thongjao and Nungbi, deftly moulding an unbelievable range of earthenware. Beautiful pieces of art made out of cane and bamboo form an important part of handicrafts. Tourists can take home a Lifan, Phak (weed mats), Phiruk, Manipuri Dolls & host of other beautiful carvings from rare and exotic varieties of Timber.

Handloom and handicraft products reflect creativity and zest for life in their joyous colours and intricate patterns. Each tribe has its own clan motifs and shawls and sarees all bear the individual patterns.

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