Hellevoetsluis s a town and municipality on Voorne-Putten Island in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland.The name translates as lock at the foot of the Helle. The Helle was a small local river which disappeared over time. Hellevoetsluis is a modern, lively place. Situated on the Haringvliet with the sea, beach and dunes close by, on the extreme southern edge of the Rijnmond and Europoort areas, close to the broad Zeeland landscape.


Hellevoetsluis has a geat harbour to just walk around and see the old buildings along the water front.

Hellevoetsluis is one of the largest water sports centres in Holland. There are 2,000 mooring places, spread over five harbours. With such a broad expanse of water as the Haringvliet and the North Sea close by, it is an ideal place for water sports lovers. Logically, the Haringvliet is being used increasingly for national and international water sports events.

The old town centre, the fortress, is a bustling and agreeable place in the summer where there is much to see and to do. There are many terraces where you can enjoy a drink and look out upon the busy harbour.

Hellevoetsluis has various special yearly events. In August the Fortress Days are held. A fleet of ships can also be seen and there is a large, varied fair, airplane demonstrations and a big firework display. Every two years, the Dutch Classis Yacht Regatta is held in the harbour of Hellevoetsluis. A large number of classic, sharp yachts add significantly to the nostalgie of the old fortress. Once a month there is a festival at an old bunker, the festival is called Bom Vrij(Translated: Bomb free) named after the bunker it’s held(Bom Vrij Hospital). The festival is for the punk, Gothic and metal head community. Every month there is a different band and a different theme.

A walking tour through Hellevoetsluis, is a tour of history. A walk round the fortress is an inevitable item of the programme offered by a town, which boasts excellently preserved fortifications. This tour – which can be obtained from the VVV information centre for tourism and recreation at the Oostzanddijk 12 – leads to historical buildings such as the lighthouse, the Prinsehuis, Corn Mill De Hoop and a number of very interesting museums. The museum Gesigt van’t Dok situated at Oostzanddijk contains a beautiful replica of 1834 of town, fortress and naval shipyard. This replica forms the heart of a high quality exhibition on the development of Hellevoetsluis into a modern naval port at the beginning of the previous century.

The National Firefighting Museum, located in what used to be the Kuiperij and Grootmagazijn on Industriehaven, unfolds the history of fire fighting through the ages. The museum contains a very rich collection ranging from the most primitive fire fighting equipment from centuries ago to the highly sophisticated equipment of today.