Hessen, with the lovely capital of Wiesbaden, just a few miles from Frankfurt, stretches from the Sauerland region in the north to the Odenwald forest in the south and from the Rhon hills in the east to the Taunus hills in the west. You can wander through heaths and ancient woodland, moors and enjoy beautiful lakes and rivers. Historical sites date back to the times of the Germanic tribes, the ancient Romans and the middle ages. Frankfurt is a major international financial center and Wiesbaden is a beautiful spa town complete with a classic casino. Visit the lovely old town of Fulda, home of the Brothers Grimm or the Abbey at Lorsch.


Fulda- Baroque town, cathedral, palace, palace gardens, baroque ensemble

Frankfurt- Banking city, Romerberg square, theatre, opera, culture, zoo, Palmengarten botanical gardens, museums, shopping district, skyline, airport, trade fairs

Lorsch- Abbey (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Hanau- Town of the Brothers Grimm

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