Hiking and Trekking in Hong Kong

Most visitors to Hong Kong know it as a shopping paradise, famous for fine dining, luxury accommodations, and spending money. But Hong Kong is also a tropical island, covered in green peaks and surrounded by a stunning ocean.

Sailing, ocean kayaking, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, trekking and hiking, paddling, running, cycling, orienteering, paintball, horseback riding, martial arts are just a few of the active options of recreation available in Hong Kong. The island offers an excellent alternative for those seeking adventure, without sacrificing comfort.

Hong Kong has plenty of hiking destinations. You could spend the next day mountaineering in the billowy foothills. For Hong Kongers, a trip to the hills is a good way to get some relief from the constant hustle of life in the city. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, trekking in Hong Kong can be a great fitness activity, as well as a way of making friends.

There are different routes to suit everyone. Hikers can choose routes, starting from Nature, which offer breath-taking panorama. You can even choose Scenic route, which offers beautiful view of the surroundings and it’s a refreshing trip back to nature. There are Heritage routes and Family routes, which provide scenic spots with historic interest and routes covering natures trail, which is suitable to go hiking with the whole family. So pack your bags and go trekking in Hong Kong.

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