Hiking in Croatia

Hiking in Croatia is one of the adventurous tours in Croatia that is taken up by the localites. It is also one of the interesting activities that are taken up by the globe trotters who visit Croatia. There are many scenic landscapes, mountain trails and hiking pathways that are explored by the hikers during the hiking in Croatia.

Hiking tours in Croatia includes a plenty of other activities that are combine together for the entertainment of the guests. The Mountaineering Association of Croatia combines various activities of Speleology, orienting, climbing and mountain rescuing during the hiking excursions.

Apart from the Mountaineering Association of Croatia, there is also the tour agency of Jezadara based at Zadar Croatia that arranges you for hiking tours that would allow you to explore the virgin beauties of Croatia. The travel agent conducts long distance tours for the entertainment of the guests. They also arrange for other activities apart from mountain hiking. The tourists can go for Kayaking, climbing, rafting, speleology, sailing and other adventurous activities.

The Krupa River is the best place to go for hiking in Croatia. People often go for a day out to this place and spend time swimming and walking in the solitary pathways. There are many hidden pathways that steal the show and make your hiking all the more pleasurable tour. There are hamlets and also forest paths which you can explore while hiking. There are also opportunities to see springs and other natural sceneries that can be seen while on a hiking tour in this part of the Krupa River.

There are many other routes that can be taken up by the tourists for hiking. One can consult the maps that are available form the tour agencies and plan a safe and adventurous hiking tour to the picturesque landscape of Croatia.

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