Hiking in Switzerland

Adventure sports in Switzerland give the adventure enthusiasts an experience of a lifetime. Hiking in Switzerland is a perfect way to explore the admirable landscapes of the country. The highlight of the country is that the most spectacular places in Switzerland can be accessed on foot!
An ideal time for Hiking in Switzerland is during summer and autumn, from May to October. The best month is July as it is the warmest month. During this period, the hiking paths, nature trails, Alpine mountaineering tracks and trekking routes are marked with the colored signposts throughout the country.
Switzerland is called as ‘the hiker’s paradise’. It has 50,000 km of trails for hiking. The trails are found in three parts, namely the Wanderwege, Bergwege and Alpine Routen respectively.
Wanderweges are found in the valleys, between the towns and by lakes. One can identify them by the yellow markings. It is challenging for the hikers. They are accessible to everyone. Even even the beginners can enjoy these and it is not a problem even if you don’t have previous experience of hiking. The only ingredient required here is that you should have normal health and comfortable pair of shoes.
Bergwege also includes the mountain paths leading to high altitudes. Their routes can be identified with red and white marks. These routes are meant for the experienced climbers and may prove tough for the beginners.
Alpine Routen are rocky and steep. They can be identified by the blue and white markings. They are meant for more experienced climbers under the guidance of local guides. These high altitude paths have pitons, ropes and cables fixed at the difficult sections. They are meant to help the climbers.
Hiking in Switzerland also enables you to explore the medieval churches, historical sites, castles and countryside near the major towns. Some of the best regions for hiking tours in Switzerland are Bernese Oberland, Appenzell, Eastern Switzerland and St Gallen. Other regions in Switzerland popular for hiking trails are south of the Alps, Ticino and the Uetliberg.
Hiking in Switzerland is a unique, joyful experience. With a few precautions, your contentment levels could be boosted. However if you miss out on any of the guidelines as mentioned to you by the instructor/ guide, it may pose to be perilous.