Hilltowns of the Savuto

These towns are a paradox: they are your typical modern Calabrian Hilltowns, but unlike any other: Re known as the home of the scalidde, its immigrants have contributed to the building of Canada, Argentina, Brazil, the USA and Australia (not to mention the rest of Italy and Europe!).

Grimaldi, a town of about 2200 people is the region’s geographical centre. Today Grimaldi comprises of a somewhat abandoned old town, of no particular beauty, preceded on the auto route by suburban style houses (with lawns and fences) at various stages of completion. Great in summer when many former residents and/or their offspring and families visit… fairly close to ocean beaches, italian farms and night life in the nearby resorts.

The old town feels very medieval… which is quite odd because the original town was apparently destroyed by an earthquake in the 18th century, and was completely rebuilt at an entirely different location. The ruins of the original town are nearby.

If you dare to visit, go by any of the several bars and say hello. Better still, discuss politics and life with the locals- you will be the centre of attention!

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