History of USA

History of USA has been the history of immigrants from different countries of the world. The country of America has been inhabited by people from different regions of the world. History of USA is rich and varied. The archaeological remains of the country shows that the earliest inhabitants of USA are presumed to have arrived in the area around 20,000 years ago by crossing the Bering land bridge into Alaska. The first known tribes who have existed in the country were Sandia and Clovis tribes. These people established the first settlement in the region and are referred to as the native Americans. History of USA begins with the history of the native settlers.
After a series of exploration by different explorers coming from different countries of Europe, Dutch, Spanish, English, French, Swedish, and Portuguese settlements were established in the region. Columbus, however, was the first European to reach America. It was the Spanish people who established the first settlement in USA. In the year 1607, the first English colony was set up. Rigorous restrictions on the political rights and heavy taxes were imposed on the American Colonists by the British Government which led to serious unrest and agitation among them. Finally this agitation gave way to the American War of Independence (1775-1783) and the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. The result was the defeat for the English King, George III.
The present day Unites States came to exist between the years 1776 to 1789. George Washington became its first President and American Constitution was constituted. Several civil wars followed the independence as the white Americans from North and south America could not converge on their views of economy and polity and their ideas of Afro- American slavery. A severe turbulence took place and Abraham Lincoln was declared the President of USA. Abraham Lincoln is the first black President of America.
Today America Stands as the most powerful nations of the world- politically and economically. A democratic Government rules the country under the leadership of the President. USA exists today as the leading multicultural and multiracial country of the world.