Holguin is located in the eastern part of Cuba, and is home to 1.5 million people. On October 27, 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in Bariay, on the coast of Holgun and stated that it was the most beautiful land ever seen by human eyes.

The trade winds blow almost all year round, creating a pleasant temperate climate.

Potential tourist attractions include 34 rivers, 6 waterfallsamong them Guayabo, the largest in the countryand six dams, as well as 5 submarine areas, 19 historical and cultural sites, 135 archaeological sites and 22 coastal bays with about 60 kilometers of exquisite white sandy beaches.

The outstanding achievement of Holguis’s tourist development lies in its being at one with nature, blending harmoniously with the sea and the forest. However, the essential facilities and services capable of meeting the requirements of modern life are still very much available.

Guardalavaca, one of the most famous beaches in the province, offers tourists luxuriant coral reefs, interesting cliffs and amazing vegetation. Guardalavaca covers a 1,200 metre-long bank formed by shell-like beaches, creating intimate surroundings that are frequently enhanced by enormous cliffs. Guardalavaca is not far from Gibara, the place where Coln first landed in Cuba.

Boca de las Esponjas, El Salto and Caon de los Aguajes are only a few of the best-known sites, all of them ideal for scuba diving, while Tanques Azules, in neigbouring Gibara, a grouping of unique flooded caverns, offer special challenges for speleodivers.

65 kilometers from Frank Pais International Airport, the City of Holgun is also very close to other colorful sites, such as Banes and Gibara, the latter being the only Cuban city other than Havana to be surrounded by walls.

The attractions of the tourist industry in the province are made complete by the Saeta Key where the largest wild animals in the country can be found. A vast array of buffalo, antelope, deer and wild hogs can be found in this area.

Among other attractions, Holgun offers the Loma de la Cruz (the Hill of the Cross), the most famous place in the city, featuring a 450-step stairway that is steeped with history and legends.

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