Holiday in Poland… Noclegi nad morzem

When you start planning your holidays, you have to answer the question what kind of holiday is right for you. You must identify your expectations. But I know it’s not easy. So what to do? Quick answer – enter: noclegi nad morzem or noclegi w górach in your browser. Don’t worry – both have their own advantages.

Does it happen to you that you find some good offers, but the price is too high? Here you won’t have such problems. Great number of different offers gives you the possibility to choose the most suitable one. When you are thinking about accommodations at the seaside you have to decide if you want to live near the beach or in the city center. You can visit a small village to take advantage of its peaceful landscape where you can rest, read an interesting book, enjoy your stay not even seeing other people. On the other hand, if you are a kind of person that loves busy city even during vacation, you need discos, pubs to have a great time, of course there are also many options. The same situation comes while looking for accommodation in the mountains. No doubt that everything will be organized in order to suit not only your needs, but also your pocket. You can live in a five-star hotel, very cosy boarding-house, homely agro-tourist farm or on the camping site, depending on your choice. The offer is really vast, so everyone will find something interesting for himself.

For some people relaxation might involve cycling or swimming, for others it means only lying on a sandy beach with a cocktail in their hands. In Poland both of them can be satisfied. If you choose the mountains, certainly you will find a lot of tourist routes or bicycle paths. Also places at the seaside are situated close to sports centers. Holidaymakers can use many playgrounds, swimming pools, golf grounds, tennis-courts, stud farms, gym halls with trainers who will take care of their fitness. There are also many options to do something that gives a big dose of adrenaline, for example: bungee jumps that are organized in most of Polish cities at the coast. You will also find many playgrounds and other attractions for children. There are many places where you can rest while somebody is looking after your child. Sports fans will also be satisfied, especially in the summer, as there are many festivals and sports competitions, not only for professionals but also for amateurs. To sum up, wonderful amusement guaranteed…

But what if you don’t like active resting…Don’t worry!!! There are plenty of offers for you. You can choose the seaside and lay on a beach all day long, getting a beautiful suntan. Do you prefer sandy or stony beaches? Maybe you are more interested in SPA resorts? You can have all you dream about. If you choose the seaside you can take advantage of maritime climate and iodine. But if you choose the mountains you can also take a breath of clean mountain air without any pollution.

Are you interested in seeing some monuments, visiting old churches, castles or museums? In Poland there are a lot of places to do that. And, what is more, they often will be very close to the place of your accommodation. There are a lot of tourist attractions. They will give you some knowledge about history not only of Poland but of the entire Europe. You can get to know Polish tradition which is really unusual. Especially if you decide to choose the mountains, you can see mountaineers with extraordinary clothes and speaking various dialects.

Both, at the seaside and in the mountains, you can admire wonderful landscapes. You can see national parks and sanctuaries with wildlife almost unchanged by a man. It is really impressive. Holiday is the time to make new friendships. Seaside and mountain resorts are full of clubs, cafes, and pubs. If you want get to know new foreign cuisine, you can take advantage of rich offer of restaurants, inns or pizzerias. You can also taste regional dishes, which are approachable only in Poland.

Entertainment is one of the most important things during holidays. That’s why in many resorts there are pool halls, cinemas, bowling alleys, amusement arcades and even casinos. Of course, everyone has different needs and expectations, but seriously, in Poland choosing noclegi nad morzem (seaside) or noclegi w górach (mountains) you will find something for yourself.