Holidaying in Cape Town

Cape Town is said to be the most beautiful city in South Africa. For many people, local and international Cape Town has become a top holiday destination. For many different reasons this city offers all you need in a great holiday destination. Whether you are looking for a holiday steeped in history or holidays spent relaxing on a beach with warm sun and clean blue water – Cape Town is where you will find it. This is a friendly city with many attractions and activities for any visitor. Cape Town offers a vibrant city life and deep in the South, you will find seclusion and quiet.

Many factors, besides the above are a draw card to international travelers. Cape Town, South Africa has a secure infrastructure, where visitors will find all the comforts of a first world country, but the value of the local currency, the Rand, converts to a profitable amount of money when traveling from some other countries. This means that people who visit South Africa will usually have more to show for their money when arriving in the country – and this can make for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday.

Secondly, Cape Town has a wide range of holiday accommodation to offer visitors. Because this city has always been a popular tourist destination, the tourism industry is a well-equipped, profitable business. There are a number of fabulous locations to stay and see. From informal bed and breakfasts, guest houses, self catering, camping to stunning hotels, you will find what you require in this city. Whatever your budget, whatever your desire, Cape Town is sure to deliver.

Thirdly, the food and wine in this City is widely diverse, interesting and often unforgettable. Cape Town has vibey cafés, fine-dining restaurants and character food holes. Experience world famous wines, take a wine tour and eat traditional South African foods. All these found within Cape Town. Without having to travel too much, everything is on your doorstep when you stay in Cape Town.

The city has a number of unique attractions, one of the most poignant being, Table Mountain. This internationally known natural mountain formation resembles a table. Visitors can take a ride up in the fun cableway, or hike to the top of the mountain. Hiking and other outdoor activities, such as hang-gliding, rock climbing, water sports, 4×4 adventures are among some of the popular activities to do in Cape Town. Shark cave diving is also becoming a unique, popular attraction for many visitors to Cape Town.

Many other attractions to this beautiful city have not been noted here, we will leave it to you to come and find out for yourself. Visit Cape Town, and experience the vibe and fun activities of South Africa’s “mother city”