Holidays in Belgium

Holidays in Belgium are almost the same as other countries. If you are planning to spend your vacation in Belgium then, you will find that the country celebrates every kind of festival in a gala manner. Normally these festivals are celebrated as holidays. You will never be short of Holidays in Belgium, since the country celebrates all kinds of festivals and events all throughout the year.

The Holidays in Belgium can be divided into two distinct parts: public holidays and non-official holidays. The holidays usually start from the first day of the year. The native Belgium celebrates the 1sta January as a New Year day. Nouvel An, new-year day in French dialect, is hugely celebrated by both local people and foreign travelers. The local people of Belgium also enjoys the Easter day. Easter is another important day of several Holidays in Belgium. 1st May is another important public holiday that is celebrated as Labor Day. Ascension on 6th Thursday after Easter is also a holiday. The Belgium people also celebrate 7th Sunday after Easter as Pentecost day. After that day, again the Pentecost Monday is celebrated in gala manner.

Some more Holidays in Belgium include National Holiday on 21st July, Assumption of Mary on 15th August and 1st November as All Saints Day. Right after 10 days, Armistice Day in celebrated, on 11th November. Like other countries of the world, on 25th December, the Christmas is rejoiced.
Apart from this public Holidays in Belgium there are some more holidays that are celebrated in full grandeur but these are not the official holidays. Epiphany takes place on the 6th day of January and the people usually consider this day as holiday. Day of the Flemish Community on the 11th July is a real attraction for local people. 27th September is the Day of the French Community of Belgium. All Soul’s Day is also grandly celebrated on 2nd November. 6th December is another holiday for all the Belgium people. This day is celebrated as Saint Nicholas day

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