Holidays in Czech Republic

It would help you to know about the Holidays in Czech Republic before planning a trip to this Central European country. Keep reading to know more about Holidays in Czech Republic.

Paleni Carodejnic – This is an important pre-Christian festival that is still celebrated in Czech Republic to ward off the evil spirits. This festival is also known as ‘Burning of the Witches’ and is celebrated by organizing all night long bonfire parties in the backyard of the houses.

Prazske jaro – This popular International Music Festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fan fare by music loves across the country in the month of September.

Mozart Festival – This is yet another fantastic music festival celebrated in Czech Republic in the honor of Mozart. This festival sees both locals and international visitors taking part in it and paying their tribute to this Austrian composer.

Festival Jiein – This week long festival takes place in September from Monday to Friday. The festivities begin with an impressive masked procession, after which the mayor of the city gives the town to the children to run it. The celebrations continue for the entire week and include many dramatic performances, musical concerts, fairy tale readings and striking exhibitions. An extravagant fireworks display serves as a befitting finale for this one of a kind Czech Republican Holiday.