Holidays in Morocco

Holidays in Morocco are quite magical. The place has got some hypnotic quality which works the moment you reach it. The sands shine like finely ground gold. There are exotic souks which have scent of spice. One will find shimmering belly dancers which go past you in a hue of colors. The Holidays in Morocco will have a memorable impact on you. The place gives an enchanting experience to everyone.

The Holidays in Morocco depend on what you7 are looking for. If you are looking for sun drenched sands with plenty of bars and restaurant as well as clubs with the drink running the music running, then go to Awadir, which is a premier holiday resort in Morocco. For those of you wanting to escape the cacophony of city life, head towards the Red city of Marrakesh. This is an enchanting place which has the ultimate hang-out venue, Jemaa el-fna.

For those of you looking for accommodation in Morocco, there is a good selection of bargain hotels in Morocco. Morocco is a city which allows anyone to experience its magic. Budget is never a bar at the city as it offers a wide range of options for each tourist.

While lavish 5 star accommodations invite the guests for an opulent treat, the ones with a tighter budget have cheaper accommodations waiting for them as well. The cheap hotels in Morocco are many in number, thus allowing everyone to enjoy a stay according to his capacity. But whatever be the range of luxury offered, the hotels in Morocco vow to extend an equal hospitality to every guest in the city.

To ensure that the guests enjoy a comfortable and satisfying stay in the city, the hotels in Morocco treat their guests to the best facilities possible in the budget. To compensate for a 5 star opulence, the cheap hotels in Morocco exude overwhelming warmth, thus giving the guests a home like coziness.

Where to go on your Holidays in Morocco

South West Morocco – The places to visit in South West Morocco are Taroudant, Essaouira, Marrakesh, High Atlas and Yoga in Taroudant. There are beaches and coast to be found here.

High Atlas and Anti Atlas Mountains – This region is ideal for wilderness, wildlife and walking.

South East – The Deep Desert
Due to extreme climatic conditions and also inaccessibility to the region, the best time to visit here is during spring and autumn. The places to visit here are The Sahara, Ouarazazate region, Dades, Draa and the Todra Valleys

Cities of the North – The cities of Fez, Meknes and Rabat are the places to visit in the northern region. Fez has the unspoilt world heritage site in the Medina of Fez el Bali.