Holidays in Samoa

Samoa is one of the important places that have gained the attentions of the people all across the world. There are many important events and festivals that take place every year and there are also many holidays in Samoa, declared on few of the common occasions. The Holidays in Samoa are many and it spreads through out the year on almost every month of the year. The people living in this country love merry making and there are many festivals that keep the people engaged and entertained all the year round.
Starting from the month of January, 1st of January is the New Year’s Day and is declared to be a public holiday. 2nd January is also a public Holiday at the country observes the Commission Day and Second New Year’s Day. The first Monday in the month of January id also a public holiday as the country celebrates the Head of the States Birthday. The third Monday of January is Martin Luther King Day and is again a public holiday.
There are three holidays in the month of February. The first is on February 6th when the country celebrates Waitangi Birthday. Father Walter Lini Day is celebrated on 21st February and the third Monday of February is the President’s Birthday and are again declared to be holidays in the country.
There are a series of public holidays in March. There are holidays on Good Friday and Easter Monday. There are also holidays on March 5th when the country celebrates Custom Chiefs Day and Gospel Day. The second Monday in March is also a holiday as it is the Commonwealth Day. April 25th is the ANZAC day and public holiday is observed even on this day.
In Samoa 1st May is declared a holiday as it is the World Labor Day. A Thursday in May is also a holiday as it is the Ascension Day. Any one of the Mondays in May or June is also declared to be holiday as Pentecost or Whitmonday are celebrated on that particular day. May 4th and 8th are recognized to be the Crown Prince’s Birthday and 1945 Victory Day respectively and are also declared to be public holidays. Second Sunday is the White Sunday, second Monday is the Gospel Day and any one of the Mondays in mid-May is Mothers of Samoa Day. These apart, May 21st, Monday round May 29h and last Monday in May are observed as Battle of Iquique Day, Ratu Sukuna Day and Memorial Day respectively and are thus holidays in Samoa.
In the month of June there are holidays on Corpus Christi, Emancipation Day on 4th June, Monday or Friday on June 14, and Internal Autonomy Day and Saints Peter and Paul Day are all public holidays for the country.

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