Holidays in Taiwan

Holidays in Taiwan can be adventure filled,a shoppers Bonanza, and so much of a cultural and historical tour that one may not leave this island for wanting for more enjoyment. All tours of this island, formerly known as Formosa, can be exciting and of great fun. Holidays in Taiwan and Festivals in the Republic of China have a distinctive quality and are closely interwoven with the lives of the people.

The main holidays and festivals in Taiwan may be divided into two major categories: Festivals are associated with the traditional lunar calendar whereas official holidays are celebrated according to the western calendar. The lunar festivals developed from the customs of China’s past, and to the celebrants, these occasions are a time for recalling one’s cultural origins and remembering the wisdom of early ages.

Such festivals include the Chinese New Year Festival, and Lantern Festival, all symbolic of discarding the old and ushering in the new; the Dragon Boat Festival, a time for warding off evil and strengthening the body; the Ghost Festival, when the outcasts from the underworld are given salvation; the Mid-Autumn Festival a celebration of the full moon and unity of mankind; and Double Ninth Festival is to remember the elders.

Both traditional festivals and commemorative holidays and Festivals in Taiwan are celebrated not only in a style unique to the region, but more importantly, in a way that both exhibits the significance of each occasion and fosters the hope of peace on earth.

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