Holidays in Tunisia

With a number of places exuding the old world charm and the true flavor of the city, holidays in Tunisia would surely be a lifetime experience. As you walk along the streets and alleys of the country, travel back in time and experience the grandeur of Tunisia. Home to a number of cities and towns of historical importance, Tunisia holidays is all about exploring the rich cultural and historical heritage of the land. The long coastline of the country along the Mediterranean Sea makes it a haven for the beach lovers planning for a vacation in Tunisia. Packed with adventure and excitement, you will certainly enjoy holidays in Tunisia to the lees.
Holidays in Tunisia is a dream come true to every tourist. The delightful experience of traveling this splendid country will linger in your mind long after you have left the place. There are a number of interesting places that comprise the sightseeing venues in and around the cities of Tunisia. Planned trips to these tourist destinations will add to the charm of your tours to Tunisia. The regime of the Phoenicians and the Romans have bestowed Tunisia with a number of places that draw a number of tourists. Behold the mighty ancient edifices and discover the scenic regions while you undertake Tunisia tours.
Touring the various tourist attractions adds on to the charm of your holidays in Tunisia. Some of these places are also designated as famous World Heritage sites in Tunisia. Tunis is 7th century old town that serves as the capital and the principal port of Tunisia. The Mediterranean village of Sidi Bou Said is located on the outskirts of Tunis and houses the ruins of the magnificent old Carthage. One of the most revered places for pilgrimage among the Muslims throughout the world, Kairouan in Tunisia is one of the places that you should visit. The Ksar Ghilane oasis is 140 kilometers south of Douz. Explore the ruins of Roman empire the hilltop of Dougga or the Roman Colosseum in El-Jem or the well-preserved Roman temples in Sbeitla in Tunisia.
The various excursions comprise one of the interesting things to do in Tunisia. Hammamet is a lively beach town. Merely 60 kilometers from Tunis, it is the most renowned tourist destination in Tunisia. Enjoy your holidays in Tunisia with the diverse selection of excellent beaches like Tabarka or Bizerte in the north coast or Djerba at south.

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