Homestay Felda Semenchu

This unique homestay program is a golden opportunity to admire the culture of the Johor Malays.

Join in the many activities with the locals such as traditional Malay dances such as kuda kepang, or play gasing (traditional top) and congkak.

Visit places of attractions as well as an educational visit to an oil palm estate. Learn more about the lives of the locals, and immerse in their culture with these extraordinary visits.

Don’t forget to leave with fond memories and firm friendships, to last a lifetime!

Key Tips
There are several homes in the homestay programme offering affordable stay for visitors.

How to get there
Felda Semenchu Homestay is located about 80 km from Johor Bahru town centre and Singapore. It is 42 km from Kota Tinggi town on the way to Desaru/ Tanjung Balau in Johor.