Honeymoon in Montserrat

For honeymooners, Montserrat’s tranquil beauty will capture your heart and soothe your spirit. The island is ringed with secluded beaches, and you can explore every one of them in safety, knowing that Montserrat has one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean.
As a honeymooner, you can enjoy the experience of a villa holiday, with a wide selection of quality villa accommodation ranging from intimate one-bedroom cottages to 4 or 5-bedroom houses with open plan kitchens, swimming pools and wide verandas. Many villa owners are inspired by Caribbean colors have taken special care to give their homes that distinctive ‘island’ touch, and you’ll find vibrant fabrics, cheerful tiling and artistic woodwork all part of the comfortable yet stylish decor. You will be transported to a place of peace and tranquility once you arrive at your Montserrat villa. And you’ll find that compared to other Caribbean islands, renting a villa in Montserrat is amazingly affordable. Current prices (it may be change) for a four (4) bedroom/bathroom villa with a housekeeper, pool, wet bar, Cable TV, CD player, washer and dryer and much more facilities on nominal rate.


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