Honeymoon in Puerto Rico

Are you thinking of a Honeymoon in Puerto Rico? Your choice is extremely perfect. Though there are several honeymoon destinations, Puerto Rico has its own charm. Puerto Rico is a rectangular shaped island located in the most eastern island of the Greater Antilles. This small island has a coast measuring 580 kilometers.

Three countries namely Spain, Africa, India and U.S influenced Puerto Rico’s culture. A multi-cultural and bi-lingual society emerged in this enchanting island. Puerto Rico is the home to some of the spectacular beaches in the world. Honeymoon couples find the beaches really romantic and sensitizing. At the pristine beaches in Puerto Rico you can take a stroll in the shallow waters at Luquillo along the white sands.

The beaches in Puerto Rico offer surfing, golfing, fishing, kayaking, scuba diving and horseback riding, windsurfing and parasailing. At nigh time you can enjoy bar hopping and fine dining in Vegas style.
Best time to visit – For honeymoon couples the best time to visit Puerto Rico is May and November, when there is no crowd. Stay in the blissful atmosphere and let tranquility ignite the spark in you. If you are not worried about the crowd, then visit Puerto Rico at Peak tourist season between December and April.
Travel Essentials – You should have a valid Passport and a Visa to enter Puerto Rico. Keep a copy of necessary documents besides the originals.

Accommodation – Puerto Rico offers a range of world-class hotels and beach resorts for a comfortable stay. All the resorts and hotels in Puerto Rico from high-end to low end offer an array of facilities to make your honeymoon the most memorable event of your life.


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