Honeymoon in Singapore

A honeymoon in Singapore is an experience of a lifetime that you will recall with passionate nostalgia when you relate facts about your Singapore honeymoon to your near and dear ones, years later. For, a honeymoon in Singapore means visits to the fascinating sightseeing hotspots of Singapore when you and your beloved embark on exciting excursions from Singapore.

A honeymoon in Singapore away from the glare of friends and gossipy city slickers assume a different mood altogether when you and your spouse are both glued to each other, arm in arm, amidst the lovely environs of Sentosa Island, where the setting sun blesses you with its slanting orange and light red rays.

Tourists are generally asked to wait on the Sentosa Island till the evening because at 7 pm or so the program of the ‘dancing fountains’ commence in the Island. Watching the artificial waterfalls take splendid, unusual and surreal shapes is a treat for the eyes under a romantic moonlit and starlit sky. The lighting effect is such that the waterfalls sport various brilliant colors such as red, blue, purple, green, yellow, magenta, pink, etc and appear to be extremely radiant to the spectators. The music in the background sets the stage for the evocation of several heart-warming emotions and burning desires to be in each other’s company under the starry night sky for long hours.

A honeymoon in Singapore means enjoying dining at the famous restaurants and bars in Singapore. The eateries and the taverns of Singapore sport ideal ambiences for honeymooning couples. Go for a candle-lit dinner in any of the eateries on Orchard Road.. The soft music and the lyrics of the popular song ‘I can’t help falling in love with you’ will definitely cause tears to appear in your eyes. A honeymoon in Singapore simply can’t get better than this.

When years have passed, you will remember your Singapore tours with much gratitude and feeling because they helped you to have a superb honeymoon.