Hsien-chu is a famous mountainous region of Taiwan. It is known for its amusement parks and various other spots of entertainment. For a tourist, the place offers some interesting things to see and do.


Lungsyi Gardens – The Garden is divided into the Landscape Area, the village landscape area, the health resort area, the amusement area and the vacation area. The landscape area covers the waterfall scenes designed in the Chinese style; the village landscape area calls tourists to mind and think of the life of the earlier farm villages. The amusement area has many interesting items pertaining to entertainment. The health resort area includes Yanggwang lawn square, physical activity ground, and pavilion. The vacation area of the park offers comfortable Taulu log cabins for lodgments.

Window on China – Architectures and portraits in the park are shrunk to one-twenty-fifth of normal size. It is the first multiple cultural park with famous architecture built along reduced proportions. The landscape area presents the miniature buildings and people of Taiwan, mainland China and other states. The park area has a theater showing the folkways crafts, indoor band, western-style amusement park, etc. The store area sells many kinds of souvenirs to the tourists.

Puhsin Ranch – The ranch in Yangmei Town is a place for activities and sight view. The green trees are everywhere in the ranch. It contains Hushan scenery, European-style garden, physical training plant, camping area, various amusement area, Holiday area, etc., with complete and good facilities. Other items are milk cow, milk press room, and dairy trader’s display hall is also open for visitors to know about the producing procedures of the dairy products.

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